When you have an infrared cam to spy on your felines

Life suddenly becomes so much fun.


When I got this thingy, it is not a part of my plan. But then I installed it in their bedroom, everything suddenly becomes fun!

It is interesting to see, how my felines interact with each other. Sometimes friendly, sometimes fighting. It is more interesting to see how they bully their hooman. 🙂

今日有啲懶,聽日又出發去布拉格,冇乜心機寫嘢。你哋可唔可以當啲貓相好似我啲小說或者散文咁,覺得好好睇,然後俾我呃claps? XD

Sometimes I wondered if they know this is a camera. BTW, see how my little one trying to open the door?
It is a bonus when your wife thinks no one is watching but actually there is 🙂

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